Assets from version 2.22 usable for 4.25 anyway?

Is there a way to make assets from marketplace UE4 version 2.22 usable for 4.25 anyway?


If it’s things like static meshes and materials, you should be fine. Watch out for stuff with a lot of coding though…

You should just be able to add these assets to a 4.25 project. If you have any problems, come back here ( and press the like button, or quote, otherwise I don’t get a notification )

Do you have a link to the asset?

Non quote responses are the bane of my existence

here the link: Sci Fi Weapons Silver in Weapons - UE Marketplace

It worked, thank you very much.
Create project with 4.22, add package and then migrate to 4.25 Project.

Yes, that kind of thing’s usually fine.

I can’t recall, but I think it’s possible to install it even though you have the wrong engine version, there’s a drop down that opens somewhere. But also, yes, make a project and migrate is the bottom line :slight_smile: