Assets from Blender

Hi all,

I am new to UE4 and Blender so this may be simple stuff.
I created a few different meshes inside of blender. A body, a head, and a “poncho” basically. I’m wondering how to get them all to be one object so that I can export them in to unreal and test the sizes/poncho cloth physics. Whenever I join them together in blender, some strange things happen and my poncho stays acting as a plane without animation. I also exported them once and they are in UE4 contents as seperate assets.
So…how do I get multiple meshes with physics to act as one asset when exporting. Its a basic character with different pieces making it up.
Any pointers on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I haven’t done much with physics from blender to UE4. But when you import your mesh into the engine, the settings that come up will let you select if you want the meshes to be combined or not. If you have it checked it’ll import them as a whole.