[Assets] [Free] "Dirty Bloom" - Spice Up Your Post FX


So I was mucking around with the “Dirt” part of Bloom in Post-Process Volumes. Thought I’d look through the nice and pretty bokeh stuff on Flickr and see how they’d work in various contexts. Photos and my processing are Creative Commons Attribution, so it will be free and ready for commercial work, etc.

Just as 2048x1024 JPGs, nothing too fancy, keeps things light and simple. Drag texture to Post Process Volume > Bloom > Dirt …Experiment with different textures and intensities for day and night scenes.

You can also see the method to easily create dirt textures thanks to kind Flickr photographers. Cheers!

Creative Commons Attribution
Photos by Flickr photograpers as credited
Concept and processing by SRMojuze

thanks for sharing

Very nice, thank you.

When i click on video it says “Video do not exist”.
Ty for your work.

Yes, the video doesn’t work for me either.

Also, the downloadable file is just the pictures? They’re very nice and show the potential. I can already think of things I’d like to do with it. But I still have no idea how I might go about it.

There are only pictures because you need only them. Open your post process settings, go to bloom, and in the Dirt Mask Texture parameter put one of these pictures, set the mask color and intensity and you’re done :smiley:

Whats the password

thank you very much!!