Assets for weapons that can be upgraded (free and paid)

Thread for anyone to post assets for weapons that can be upgraded.


  • Swords for fantasy/medieval games that can be upgraded to become bigger, stronger, more powerful, gain magic, etc.
  • Firearms that can be upgraded with additional modules, like an aiming scope or a grenade launcher.

I am having a hard time finding weapon assets for a medieval fantasy game (swords, shields, armors, axes etc) that can be upgraded, and the search options from the store don’t offer the filters to search for that efficiently.

So I decided to create this topic. Share your work or assets you have used/seen!


  • add a one-line description of what the assets are about. Ex.: [Swords, Medieval, Fantasy] or [firearms, sci-fi].
  • add a preview image.
  • Focus of this thread are weapons, but any item that can be equiped ON THE HERO and upgraded should be fine.
  • Please only upgrades, not just the same item repeated in different colors.
  • Only items that can have in-game applications (no cosmetic items please).

Hope to see some cool stuff in here :slight_smile: