Assets file format and importing

The one thing I am missing a lot in UE4 is variety on supported file formats.
For instance in Unity, I can drop a .blend file into the inspector, then drop it into the scene, and my model is there, ready to use.

In unreal 4, I need to take a lot of steps that I still don’t fully understand, to be able to properly export it to fbx, then I need to use a file browser in the editor rather than drag and drop into the project. Then it takes ages to process the materials, and then all materials are broken. Not to mention, if the editor crashes during the current session, I have to reimport everything.

It seems that most people don’t have these kinds of issues, I don’t know if that is because they actually understand how to export blender files to unreal, or if that’s because they use ‘rich people’ modeling tools like maya.

This is, however, quite a big pickle to me, since I only know how to code, and hardly understand anything about modeling and texturing, just the very basics to get something bearable done, and just want to focus my energy on making games rather than learning modeling. This seems especially important now that unreal went totally free (well, except the 5%), since it still sort of rely on ‘rich people’ asset making tools.

I kinda searched for related topics and issues on the roadmap, but either there is none, or it is written in a different manner then what I was expecting, so I am sorry if this issue was already discussed before.

Actually the new version of 4.7.1 monitors your asset file for changes. You only have to import it once and whenever you make changes and export it to FBX in the same folder the engine will update the object for you.

Exporting from Blender to FBX is actually not that difficult.

FBX Content Pipeline

FBX Static Mesh Pipeline
FBX Animation Pipeline

There is definitely content on the forums already:

Good luck and I hope this helps. 8-}