[ASSETS] Feudal Japan Assets

Hey everyone,
I am participating in the Feudal Japan Game level Environment challenge that is in progress at Artstation. Since I am making the project in Unreal Engine, I will be releasing the entire project completely free once I am done.
Here is some of the work I have done so far. Criticism is highly appreciated :). Good luck to all those who are participating!

Description :

‘‘I am making a ‘Zen Garden’ scene from the 16th century. The emperor keeps the only ‘Dragon’s heart’ in his private garden. The Dragon’s heart is an extremely rare flowering plant whose nectar is said to grant life and heals all sickness. The emperor keeps the plant to himself and does not share it with anyone but his family. ** Contrary to other plants, it does not require sunlight at all to grow. It only requires water and room temperature as it is sensitive to both heat and moisture.’’

Artstation Submission link

Initial Blocking:

You will find that I moved somewhat away from the initial blockout haha.

UE4 Material Shots and Meshes:

Roof :

The textures and polycount is not final right now.

Color References: