Hi there! The Plates Creek is a project I am working on for a few months and planning to submit to the Marketplace over the next few weeks. This is a photogrammetry based modular asset pack inspired by strata formations that can be found in certain areas of the south-west coast of France. It contains two types of photogrammetry materials:

  • 3D meshes along with their respective textures (diffuse,normal,AO, roughness, height)
  • Surfaces (rock, sand, pebbles etc.) that can be used on any mesh. Several surfaces are provided with two variations. Most textures are high quality 4K, sharp and clear.
    I went myself to the coast sites to take the pictures from which the photogrammetry materials are derived. Most bakes have been made in 8K then reduced to 4K for production.

The pack is game optimized, materials are modular in the sense they are made of many functions for clarity and reusability. Noticable in materials:

  • some enable mixing surfaces: this helps to smoothly transition from one rock texture to another. Can also be used to break tiling.
  • there is a 3 layers landscape material: fine sand, gross sand, pebbles. The latter is using POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping) to preserve the round aspect of pebbles. The POM implementation is quite optimized and quality can be modulated based on distance.
  • most materials are distance-based tesselation enabled, smoothly reducing the tesselation factor based on distance from the camera.
  • materials have been optimized to run the demo scene (screens below) above 60fps in full HD on a GTX1070 on UE 4.18.3 (the pack will support more recent versions of UE).

You’ll find a few hires screens attached, more on my Artsation page at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qgbma

This is my first asset pack, please let me know what you think and if this kind of pack is of interest to you!