Assets Cheaper in Unity Store

Just FYI, many content creators have uploaded assets to the Unity Asset Store as well but have priced them at a fraction of the cost over there. So if you’re planning on buying anything, just remember to check there first.

May be understandable in some scenarios but it feels like profiteering when its 3.5x the price for UE.

Consider, that the Unreal Marketplace is tiny and profit also depends on items sold.

Not sure how the licensing is, but is a item bought on the Unity Store only to be used in Unity? And does the same apply for the Unreal Marketplace?

It’s a different market, it’s a different engine.

As well as, in many cases, entirely different licenses. Some things are ‘one use only’ and so on.

Another difference is that every team member needs a licence (needs to purchase) a copy of assets purchased from the Unity store.

The UE4 marketplace does not require this, for a team they simply submit a list of usernames who need access to a purchased asset.


I’ve seen others use Unity store assets in UE4, but not sure of their official policy.

I know for sure you can’t use any assets created by Epic in other engines (all the samples etc), not positive if you can (but pretty sure it’s allowed) use UE4 marketplace items in other engines.

Here’s a quote from the Seller FAQ:

It should be allowed to use Unity asset store items that you paid for in all UE4 projects or CryEngine, even commercially. Same the other way around.
Agree that the price difference is somewhat strange, but with more items, prices will also fall in the UE4 marketplace.
Right now, like the first couple of years, is simply gold rush time for sellers to ask for high prices when a new engine is out and where content is rare.
Epic is also happy with that because of the 30% share. You can actually make the same amount of money in this situation with a marketplace item than with an indie game, which is a bit ridiculous.

We recently bought a little submarine model on the asset store for just $5 or so as I remember to use it for testing in our UE4 projects. There was no boat model on the UE4 marketplace. But even then would have bought the Asset Store item instead because it is cheaper. On the UE4 marketplace this would have been at least $30 or something or more. Not so good.

In our case, the Over 9000 Swords Pack for UE4 has a lot more demo and example content than the Unity version, which we felt was worth the relative price drop on Unity (30$ vs 40$). There’s also the sad fact that in the over 6 months since release, we’ve only sold a total of 3 units on Unity, so… anything to get us more sales there and perhaps lets us recoup the investment of effort and time we put into the Unity version is justifiable in our eyes.

One problem with buying elsewhere is many of them aren’t “plug and play” with a different engine. For something like a mesh or audio that’s not a big deal, but pretty much everything else it will be. Some assets will require some work on your part to convert over, so you have to take that into account too. Even for a mesh asset there could be Unity style collision which might not always work well in UE4, the material might be a custom shader that would need to be duplicated, etc.

So part of the answer is asking yourself whether a small price difference is worth it vs the time you will spend converting it? That can’t really be answered by any of us.

Not saying this because I appreciate the price difference by any means, I don’t think it’s right at all and I hope the prices become more competitive, but there is more to consider than just the price when purchasing assets elsewhere.

Unreal terms are more flexible than unity terms.

both are not profitable.

start getting job.