Assets are blank when I try to place them

So I downloaded some assets from somewhere… they were free so…
Anyways, I imported them into unreal and I cna see them in my Content browser along with their materials and textures…
When I “Right Click” or try to add the mesh into my scene it goes blank. no textures, no materials.

It’s bugging me for some time. I hope someone has an answer


What kind of scale does it have? It could be really tiny…

it’s normal scale. I can see it very well in content browser. Rught when I drag in into the scene it turns blank, with no materials on it…I also noticed that all material attached to that mesh goes blank as well

Are there any errors when you open those materials?

No errors. When i open them, it’s like i just created a new material. They are completely blank

When the material is blank, then there is nothing inside it and thus nothing can happen.

Try this, delete all this stuff, then reimport and make sure the option is ticked to import the assets with materials and textures.

Ok I made a mistake… Materials are there, and they are not blank…but they are not applying to the mesh when i try to drop it into the scene.When I try to drop material into the Mesh then it goes blank…So I open the material editor and I see the that UV’s are missing texture. One way is to apply texture manually but there is so many textures and it’s time consuming.
One other thing. The folder in which the meshes, materials and textures are was not imported because I couldn’t import it…It doesnt show it on IMPORT, so I had to do it manually by placing it into the Unreal folder via Copy/Paste…

Same here every imported Material I try to use will turn blank