Assets and materials selection with displaying a proper text(description) in real time

Hello all,
I’m a newcomer and have some issue related to the architectural visualization
I’ve done a project, where i want to have doors selectable according to consumers choice.
It’s important there would be opportunity not only for door changes but for material changes to each selected doors as well
In my case a player(consumer) can choose between 3 different type of doors (door1, door2 and door3),
where each door has its own material. For examp. door1 has 3 different materials(chestnut, oak, pine), door2 has 3 different materials aslo
and door3 has 4 different materials( thus, there’re 10 options to choose desired combinaton of the doors and materials )
With my blueprint consumer can freely choos any variations in real time and so far it works perfectly with no issue there (see atteched screenshot, when press X key choose
between doors, Press M kay select material for each seleted door)…as u guess there’re 10 different prices for each selection (for examp. door1 with oak material cost -$A, door1 with chestnut
material cost-$B, door2 with glass cost-$C an so on…) and here is my question…how can i desplay text with proper price accordance a player selection in real time?..
which way is better? use blueprint, matinee or somthing else?..Can i find related topic in unreal documentation? Are there any tutorials?
I think same issu occars when i want to open/close door animation(matinee) for each selected door…
If you have any solutions please answer.
Thank you.

Hello S- Dot,
Thank you for your quick replay.

i’ve checked all the docs you lincked here, but that informations isn’t usefull for me((( …i dont have any question about forms information is displaying on the screen( would it be widget or text render inside the specific blueprint)…my issue is something different…i want to know how to recognise by engine what selection is made by player (for egx. is selected door1 with oak, or door2 with glass?) if i get this imformation (node, variable or somthing else) then its no problem displaying text information with relevant prices.thank you

Hi Toma, I’m not sure what exactly the problem is, sorry. So I’m just guessing a bit.

You have to store the players selection in variables. You can either store them in the blueprint itself or in the player character. Lets say you have different doors and different materials. That would be 2 arrays, MaterialArray and MeshesArray. Once the player makes a choice you can store that choice in 2 more variables. MeshChoiceID and MaterialChoiceID. Once you need the information just get the mesh and material using the ID from the arrays of choices.

Does that make sense?

Hello S-Dot,
Yes, this makes sense and I think information you’ve wrote here is exaclty what I’m looking for. Thank you very much