Assets and Licence

Hi everybody,
I’d like to know if i can use an asset that i bought in a book or the license is limited to games ?
Thanks in advance

That completely depends on the book. There should be a legal notice somewhere on how to use those assets. Otherwise you should contact the publisher to ask.

I’ll clarify my question because I realize that I was not clear enough : "If I write a book about creating games with EU4 and I use the assets purchased to illustrate the same book (without providing the assets on a CD of course), is it possible or the licence not permit that ? When buying an asset on the Marketplace, one has the right to do what? only play with it, or making games and sell too ?

You’re allowed to use the assets in commercial project but not resell them so yes, you should be allowed to use them in a book.
One thing you’re not allowed to do however, is having that enormous banner as a signature on the forum.

Ok, thank you for answer and sorry for too big image in signature