Assets 3D Preview

Greetings everyone,I have created several lowpoly space ships and drone packs,for use in games for all platforms ,movies,animations,student projects and such…
Please feel free to check some of them out here,feedback is very welcome.

They are also on sale,but only on standard sites for now.

Ill be sure to make these unreal compatible as soon as i can.

Thanx people!

Hey they look cool, gg :wink:
Painter or Quixel for the texturing? I bet Painter :wink:

haha many thanx,really glad you like them. Actually,I used all classic old fashion photoshop techniques.
Painter is awesome,but still lacks editing/selecting tools I use on practicaly every step while iterating the texture design.
Havent tried Quixel yet. But I plan to. :smiley: