AssetRegistrySearchable: How do i use it properly?

Currently a bit puzzled on how to use AssetRegistrySearchable exactly. My goal is to extend UWorldSettings with new properties, so our LevelDesigners can set things like Title&Description, which we want to display ingame in the SelectMenu. I looked into the source for UnrealTournament(See links at the end of the post)

They add the UpropertyTag AssetRegistrySearchable, and i wondered, if its possible to get the new information through the AssetRegistry, without actually doing the manual steps they do. I thought these UProperties would be availaible as ETag/Value on Assets. So i searched all assets with AssetClass world(But in BP), but they had not Tag/Values as it seemed.

Can someone explain to me how AssetRegistrySearchable is supposed to work?
Othwhise if it does not help in my usecase, i’d simply go the same way they did.…ngine.cpp#L962…LevelSummary.h