AssetManager.GetPrimaryAssetList inconsistency between PIE and Standalone Game


I believe I found a bug, but do not want to report the bug until either I obtain some time to adhere to the preliminary information (reproducing, different project setup, etc) the bug report requests us to do, or, someone here can attest to this issue/test this issue/etc. The original post was submitted in the Blueprint Forums 2019-10-22 with very little views and no answers. The original post with images is located here: AssetManager.GetPrimaryAssetIDList Produces Inconsistent Results Between PIE and Standalone Game - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

Perhaps someone with some serious knowledge of the Asset Manager sub-system can chime in.

I created a BP base class APlaneBase inheriting direclty from Pawn. All classes lower are direct descendants of APlaneBase (I have four of them). Inside a folder, I store these four children. The asset manager is configured shown below in an image, as well as the GameInstance BP where I perform an Async Load against this Primary Asset ID List.

In GameInstance.INIT(), I grab the single defined Primary Asset ID List from the AssetManager called PlayerPlanes set with a BaseClass of ACTOR (NOT APlaneBase), and Asynchronously load list contents as Object Class References to store and reference later (I do this for a plane selection screen).

Using PIE modes work fine. However, when trying to use Standalone Game, this feature does not work. I traced it all the way back to the AssetManager.GetPrimaryAssetIDList node NOT returning a list. I then went online and tried to find what I was potentially doing wrong; perhaps a setting I was missing, or another person with the same issue. I did not find anything on AnswerHub, in the Forums, anywhere. So I posted an entry in the BP forums with no help in 10 days.

I did however figure out what was causing the difference in behavior between PIE and Standalone Game. In the AssetManager setup, if I changed the BaseClass from Actor to APlaneBase, the PIE continued to work, and magically, the Standalone Game started to work. I lean on this being both a bug (because of its inconsistency) and perhaps I’m not using this correctly (am I required to go all the way down to the most common level for all assets listed in a Primary Asset List definition? I wouldn’t think so… Each of the four planes are direct descendants of APlaneBase, which Inherits from Pawn, which Inherits from Actor…).

I am using UE 4.22.2.





We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.


Hi Samwise. I am not sure what the bug actually is, but in the least, I do feel the inconsistent behavior between PIE and Standalone points to some bug. Whether or not I’m using the feature correctly is not known, so basically, which behavior should I experience: that of PIE or that of Standalone? I guess when I fill out the bug report I may receive feedback on the correct feature usage (specifically base class choice).

I did not yet submit a bug report because I did not yet fulfil the pre-work Epic asks of us. To do my part in the community, I should adhere to these standards. For example, I did NOT test this in a new project yet.

Nevertheless, I will surely fill out a bug report with the link provided as soon as possible: within the next few days. I appreciate your feedback.