AssetManager.GetPrimaryAssetIDList Produces Inconsistent Results Between PIE and Standalone Game

Hello Unreal-ites,

So today, I’m not sure if I found a bug, or if I’m not using a feature correctly. Perhaps someone with some serious knowledge of the Asset Manager sub-system can chime in.

I created a BP base class called APlaneBase. This inherits directly from Pawn. All classes lower are direct descendants of APlaneBase (I have four of them). Inside a folder, I store these four children. The asset manager is configured shown below in an image, as well as the GameInstance BP where I perform an Async Load against this Primary Asset ID List.

In GameInstance.INIT(), I grab the single defined Primary Asset ID List, defined in the AssetManager called PlayerPlanes set with a BaseClass of ACTOR (NOT APlaneBase), and Asynchronously load list contents as Object Class References to store and reference later (I do this for a plane selection screen).

Using PIE modes work fine. However, when trying to use Standalone Game, this feature does not work. I traced it all the way back to the AssetManager.GetPrimaryAssetIDList node NOT returning a list. I then went online and tried to find what I was potentially doing wrong; perhaps a setting I was missing, or another person with the same issue. I did not find anything on AnswerHub, in the Forums, anywhere.

I did however figure out what was causing the difference in behavior between PIE and Standalone Game. In the AssetManager setup, if I chang the BaseClass from Actor to APlaneBase, the PIE continued to work, and magically, the Standalone Game started to work. I lean on this being both a bug (because of its inconsistency) and perhaps I’m not using this correctly (am I required to go all the way down to the most common level for all assets listed in this Primary Asset List definition? I wouldn’t think so… Each of the four planes are direct descendants of APlaneBase, which Inherits from Pawn, which Inherits from Actor…).

I did NOT fill out a ticket and wanted someone to direct me on whether or not I should fill out a ticket (or at least try to see if they can reproduce the issue). I am using UE 4.22.2.