Asset wont display properly

Hi all,

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I started learning UE4 about 6 hours ago and I’ve been following the tutorials on the website. One section involves creating a structure but in between the videos I like to tweak and customise.

I downloaded some new assets for grass, trees and foliage but every time I try to drag something like a tree or some grass, this happens. I’m pretty sure this is an obvious sign of something… I just don’t know what.

Anyone know what I need to do to get these assets to show their textures?


Looks like your mesh cannot find the location of the materials (that’s why it’s grey) you need to double click on the mesh file in the content browser and assign the right materials to it. There are 2 material ID’s for that mesh so there is probably a bark material and a leaf material in there somewhere.

That’s the problem with copying files into projects, they forget the location of files, it’s much better to use the migrate option in the right click menu.

Thanks Steve. Double clicking one of the material files shows me the blueprints for the object. Not going to mess with these yet… Are .UASSET files uncommon? They don’t seem to be supported when I use the import option…

Anyway… thanks again for replying… few more tutorials I think…

.UASSET are files that are created by the engine so it will already recognise them, no need to import.

If you click on an asset in the content browers, then right click, there will be a sub-menu called Asset Actions or something like that. In there you can use Migrate to copy over that asset (and any files referenced to it) to another project. Just find the Content folder of the project you want to migrate it to and click open.

You don’t necessarily need to migrate assets. Usually it’s sufficient to copy them in exact same location under content folder where they sit in other project.
For example: copy from OtherProject\content rees ree.uasset, paste to: YourProject\content rees ree.uasset, and it should work.
But remember to copy all dependent files, like textures, materials and so on, always with the same folder structure.
Once you have opened your project, inside of editor you can move or copy stuff whenever you want, but never do that in explorer. Uassets are hardlinked.

Thanks Steve. What if I don’t want to use another project though? What if I want to use the assets for the project that I’m currently working on? The whole process of actually getting to use assets that you’ve downloaded seems more complicated than it probably is… hoping that I’ll repeat the same steps enough times for something to click!

This is the thing… I don’t have any other projects. I have one which I want to use these assets in. When I downloaded the assets from the Epic client, they just go “somewhere” with no real indication of where they’ve been saved. They just magically appear in the content browser and me, being as noob as I am, assume that I can just drag and drop stuff into the only project that I currently have.

Glad you mentioned not moving assets around in explorer… I did that a lot. Perhaps it’s time to reinstall again and start from scratch.