Asset with Collision and Materials


Appreciate any help, I’ve started producing content and ran into a speed bump. Trying to understand the intended workflow…

I’m building an Apartment complex building in 3dsmax. I’m importing in my geometry as a Static Mesh asset into UE4.

  1. The static mesh asset doesn’t have any collision on it so I can step through the walls / floors. Do I understand that I need to trace it out in blocking volumes a second time in the engine?

I’ve looked into the automatic collision generation tools but it seems that wont work because I need to be able to walk inside the apartment as its a complex convex shape with external walls in interior walls.

I hope I don’t have to trace it again with blocking volumes as that sucks to have to trace this complex asset again. I noticed that the unreal engine shooter example does this though so its seems that how I should do it?

If so any tips on how you guys are making sure that blocking volumes are lined up correctly to walls etc.? Seems like I’m missing something?

  1. I understand that I need to assign materials in 3dsmax to each polygon I want to use a different material. I believe the intended workflow is just to assign the material per polygon and it doesn’t matter what the material is in 3dsmax. Then as I export and import into UE4 I would build that material and assign it. Is that correct?

So I would never want to build the material inside of 3dsmax as that would be incompatible with the engine correct? But its important to assign the material ID to each polygon as needed.

Thanks Guys.

  1. take a look at this video:
  2. Yep, just create the material sockets and then create the material in the UE4 -> but you will have to set up the texture in your 3d program (uv)

For collision there is also 3D Motive: Creating Custom Collision

Thanks guys, appreciate the reply. All clear now. Learned that I could create the mesh inside of 3ds max that will be used for collision and name it UCX_ and unreal engine will automatically import it in.

Actually sorry to come back on this one but tried to do this and can’t get it to work.

Specifically my apartment building mesh hes many “windows”, “doors”, “walls”, “counter tops”, “furniture”, etc.

I want to export my mesh as the blocking volume, but I think that UCX must be a convex shape, which this for sure all combined is not a convex shape with its interior.

Does this mean I need to remodel everything and put blocks where I want collision? This seems like a huge waste of time?

What I’m looking for is something like what I used in Unity3d which was “MeshCollider”

Thanks for help guys.

Just type UCX_ in front your mesh → import it and in the import settings you have to disable “one convex…” then it will probably work, but you could also just do it with the 3rd way that I show in the video

I have tested “use complex collision as simple” on very complex meshes, works great.
Even on large ships with interior, depends on your hardware though, and target platform.

Remove any existing collision though!

Thanks, I did try just adding “UCX_” to the front of me mesh but the mesh disappeared and I had no collision. Will try it again this weekend.

Also, I somehow missed that third part of your video, apologies. Re-watched it and will give that ago if it still wont export.

Do you mean that the mesh disappeared from the small preview window in your content browser?