[ASSET][WIP] Volumetric lasers. Or Lasers with shadows!

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Im mostly on the finish line to release my “Volumetric laser beams” asset, or maybe i should call in “Shadowed lasers”? Im still not sure :slight_smile:

What its all about:

Aseets will bring ability to create volumetric-ish laser beams which are visible by light dissipation in air (dust, smoke and so on).
And those lasers will cast shadows!

Lasers will have 2 modes:
**Dynamic **and Stationary

Dynamic mode:

  • Cast shadows for every objects in the scene. Both static and dynamic
  • Can be moved, animated in any way you want at runtime
  • Most performance costly

Stationary mode:

  • Cast shadows only for static geometry
  • Cannot be moved at runtime
  • Still can have simple “scanning” animation and yes - shadows will work as they should!
  • Performance cost are really-really low!

Both Dynamic and Stationary modes work with masked geometry. So lasers will cast shadows from, as example, chainlink fences, foliage and so on :slight_smile:

There’s a old one videos with a proof of concept (please notice that old version are doesnt represent final quality. Final product will look more eye catching!):
Did i told what stationary mode have really low performance cost? Here i have 8 stationary lasers in the scene + skylight and directional light in movable mode and they also cast shadows.
Approx. 7.5ms or >135FPS on my GTX1060 3Gb card.


Well. Asset are mostly done. Just a bit of routine work, some additional content, comments for the code and it will be ready.

Also i add an orthogonal laser which acting kind like a flatbet scanner, for some more into sci-fi or stylized projects.
So, orthogonal or “flat bead” laser:

Also some update for DepthFade. DepthFade which i use in a pretty straigth forward manner for the laser trails sometimes get a pretty ugly results because width of the line are inconsistent and we see laser trails in some places where it shouldnt be ever.
So i make some correction for this and now its look a much better.

Before correction:

After correction:

Much better, huh?! :cool:

Nice. I could use it for my current project, it’s a spectacular lasershow planned for it :smiley:

Hi. Glad you like it :slight_smile: Asset are currently on pending approval procedure, so i hope it will be available on marketplace soon.

Cool, I could utilize it in a project since I’m going to work on a sci-fi game.

Well, asset was finally released on marketplace :slight_smile:…s-with-shadows