Asset Viewer


Is there a way to search among the asset libraries of another project (or a library) without opening that work?

I say this by becoming a library of objects, materials, etc., and being able to search among them.
I already know that you can export assets (materials, already textured objects, BP, etc.) the problem is when you have many different projects and you do not know exactly what they contain. Opening them one by one takes a lot of time.

No, there’s no way to search other assets that aren’t loaded

An OS-level (windows / mac / linux) File-Search can help sometimes…
As each asset is its own file… But there’s no OS previewer obviously…

I would love to know the question.
Can you have a public library of classified resources to dynamically load resources and destroy resources by retrieving resource pictures???
Looking forward to the solution!!!

This is so disappointing, there must be a way to atleast view the Blueprints outside UE4. “BlueprintUE” is amazing to share code, but you cant drag n drop bp uasset file though…