Asset Supported Platforms Explanation Request

This is an absolute newb question, because I’d really qualify as pre-newb (not creating anything with Unreal yet, simply preparing and learning). In the marketplace, assets have a Supported Platforms designation. This could greatly affect me, as I plan to use macos for as much work as possible (please refrain from the childish windoze only, macs suck comments that only reveal the commentors’ subpar IQs).

Are the Supported Platforms listed the platforms which will support development work, end result playability, both, somehow other?

Thank you kindly in advance for the information.

generally the latter.
But in a lot of cases the creators might not have access to test on mac.
Therefore arent really allowed to say that their work might work on mac.
I think if you fire off an email to the mp-team explaining this, and that you want to test a pack, they should be fine if you want to request a refund afterwards.
(better ask them to be sure, as I am just guessing they would be friendly enough to do so)

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Thank you very much.

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Good question. In my experience ( mac user ) supported means they will try and help if you are having issues but not always. Some put it because they think it will run on a mac but have not tested it. Generally I find Blueprint assets and texture based like environments tend to be ok on mac if only listed as supporting windows. The ones to watch out for are code plugins as they have to have a mac compiled version. If you can try and ask the developer to clarify. Good luck.
ps Oh and if I take a leap in of faith and find an asset does run on mac I try and leave a comment to say so and inform other Mac users. We have to stick together in these uncharted waters…

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Cool, thank you. Maybe there needs to be a thread, if there is not already one, specifically for this to list assets that are known to work or not work with mac. Whenever I get to the point of actually starting to create with Unreal I definitely want to make games that will work with mac, linux, and win. It’s understandable why mac has often been left in the dust with games (mostly apple’s fault), but even if I start using a win machine for some work, which I expect will happen, I won’t be giving up mac and want to include mac users in whatever I make.