Asset size too big?

Dear lads and lasses,
I’m developing an FPS game and I’m currently at the environment modeling part.
One scene (or level) will be held in a warehouse that I wish to be big.
I Under big I mean 200X100 metres (656X328 feet). Only the base will be this big, the containers, other props I make smaller and increase their number.
I’m afraid that its enormous size will have a negative effect on its textures. I did the scale up in my 3d app and the UVs will be laid out using the big asset.
I wish to know how to get this done to get a decent texture and not a blurry one. What res shall I use? Do I have any other options?
Thanks in advance.

As far as I know! you can size your textures according to the max screen resolution your game will run! example if you are using a texture of 512px and ur target frame render is 1024px. its twice the size of the actual texture and it will render blurry! i hope this make sense.

A 4k tileable texture should work fine.

Tiling textures, triplanar material, vertex painting, decals, etc.

Yes vertex painting is very good to break the repetitiveness of a texture on a large surface!

Thank you all for your replies.
Now I wish to know more about this tileable stuff. I plan to texture with MARI. I know how to save my textures to be 4K but I do not know what makes textures tileable. That my texture connects seamlessly? Do I have to set up something either in UE or in my texturing app to get a texture tileable?

There are photoshop tutorials on how to make seamless textures, it can be quite difficult on some textures to get seamless and on others very easy.

I would suggest you to start with a basic object.
Seamless stuff is with Krita very easy too and it is free. Google