Asset selector empty for pointer to class inheriting UObject


I’m trying to create a component that inherits AActorComponent and has as an UProperty a pointer or TSoftObjectPtr to an asset. If I make that property a pointer to an UObject and go to the component’s property editor and access that property, I can select any asset I have in the project, that is or that inherits UObject.

The issue is if I make that property a pointer to a class that inherits UObject, the asset browse window in the editor becomes empty even though I have assets of that type present in the project, that I could see in the browser when the pointer was a UObject.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thank you.

Could you post your code?
Have you tried using TSubclassOf<>?

**TSubclassOf<**UMyCustomObject**>** MyInheritedCustomObjectClass;