Asset reference from string

Maybe this is a dumb question or there’s a much better way of doing things…

I have a string containing the path/name of an asset, and I want to use it as a reference to that asset.

In particular, what I’m trying to do is feed a string into the New Flipbook pin of a Set Flipbook node, where the string contains the path/name of the new flipbook in the content browser. Is that possible somehow?


If you are using C++, you can use that. However, if you are not, I do not think there is currently a way to do it, but it has been requested…often.

Thanks for the answer!

I thought it would be easier in code, but I want to stick with BPs for this particular project… so I’ve come up with an alternative solution using editable variables instead of building a string.

Would like to know how you did this, thanks

Any way to interface that C++ solution to blueprints?

It is insane to me that a blueprint function exists to import a file as a texture2d, but there is no way to get a reference to an already imported texture? How have they not implemented referencing to assets in the content browser through blueprints yet?