Asset Popping Below Landscape and Repositioning

Hi all,

New to UE4, though I used to use UDK/UE3 a fair bit.

Anyway, I’ve managed to import the “buggy” asset from the Desert Buggy Race demo into Tom Looman’s “Survival Game”. However, when I place the asset, “snap” it to the landscape (using the “End” key), and use the “Play” (from the viewport) button, the buggy itself seems to jump around a lot as though it was trying to find flat ground or settle someplace. The wheels do dip below the landscape itself, too.

I’ve googled around and tried a the “Landscape->Manage->Change Component Size” fix, as well as entering a similar command into the console, but to no avail.

While it could very well be an issue with the version of UE4 that the original landscape for the the Survival Game was made for, I can’t be sure. Any insight or suggestions would be most appreciated.



Since I’m likely doing a poor job of describing this, please see the video I’ve linked to showing what I mean. Any thoughts?