Asset Pipeline Recommendations?


I have created hundreds of modular assets that are ready to be exported from 3DS Max and imported into Unreal. All of my meshes, materials and textures are named in accordance with Epic’s recommendations (SM_, M_, T_ etc). I have noticed that importing a .FBX containing multiple meshes, results in Unreal adding the .FBX file name as a prefix to each static mesh that’s imported. This isn’t what I had planned but now I am wondering why it happens, and if this is something other devs expect and use as a means of asset organisation. I’ve looked at the official docs but can’t find anything regarding the reasoning behind this. It means each static mesh now has a really long file-name (eg, FBXfilename_StaticMeshFilename) so I don’t know whether to manually delete the added prefix or run with it. Any tips or insights here would be awesome before I commit to something that is riddled with pitfalls.

Thank you!

Just use some script or program to remove the prefix from all files.

This is not a free solution, but it is worth the price nonetheless…

Thank you both for your advice and recommendation! Much appreciated.