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I am primarily a Sketchup user, and was really looking forward to this version of the unreal engine, and hoping that Sketchup would be included in the base pipeline. I am currently still in the (Holy **** my stuff don’t import properly) phase, and its quite irritating to say the least. Apart from the occasional user driven tutorial on how to Export - Import to UDK, there is little to nothing to help me move on past this juncture. Given that i am not a Blender User, and cannot afford 3DSMax, I am left with the troublesome Export - Import processes that still exist around Sketchup and any other software. Please don’t misread my tone, It’s not my intention to whine about it, or cry about it, I’ll continue to try 'till the cows come home. I use Sket2FBX right now, to get my model into UE4, its quite the long process, but its all i can manage so I keep at it.

Will there be support for Sketchup users like me who have no budget.


I think the best solution if you don’t want to spend money is to move to Blender, Sketchup really isn’t designed for making video game content. That might not be what you want to hear if you already know how to use a program, but it’s better in the long run to use something that has better tools and is easier to work with the game engine.

I have to agree with darthviper107, you may need to learn Blender if you have no money. I actually use SketchUp 8 for modeling interiors base on photo reference with it’s awesome Match Photo feature(then I would export it as a DAE to Modo). So it’s not totally useless for game development :wink: Exporting FBX from modo to UE4 is smooth and painless - Modo cost 1,500 USD…cheaper then 3DSMax,but probably out of your price range. There’s also Maya LT(795 USD),look into that.

You may want to drop a suggestion with PlayUp Tools about supporting UE4:

I know this is an old thread, but just so you know, Playup Tools support for UE4 is coming.