Asset packs

I have a idea i would love to see available on the market place environment photorealistic as assets, Australian fauna and wildlife like the Wedge tailed eagle, Dingo, Koala bears, Brown snakes, Inch ants, bulldog ants and ant colonys nest, blue ring octopus, blue bottle jellyfish, emu, Sydney funnel web spider, red back spiders, goannas, Kangaroo, wild boars i see there are stuffed animals, birds of pray like a stuffed full grown Wedge tailed eagle, i seen one and others at a museum, there should be other places that thing are not living anymore they stuff and sell in specific shops good idea for photogrammetry, those who are professional in that area need a animals birds to remain dead still, stuff animals and birds, for the Australia fauna like nature stuff there is the Australian gum tree, Eucalyptus trees, wattle trees, Banksia, also we have in Australia the Boab trees, also what be also interesting as assets pack open cut mines underground mines the worlds biggest machines, massive dump trucks, bucket wheel excavator, Bucket chain excavator, spreader, drive systems for shovels, central control rooms, open pit mining services, some ideas