[Asset Pack][WIP] Sci-fi Exterior Asset Pack

Hey guys,
I’ve made a start on what will become a Sci-Fi exteriors kit for the marketplace. I’m created a concept illustration to get an idea of the look and feel.
From that, I’ve made a start blocking out the main wall modules.

Product page: Modular Futuristic Sci-Fi Street Props Asset Pack in Props - UE Marketplace


Final and submitted to marketplace. Will update here on release!

Art station link for images: ArtStation - Unreal Engine Street Environment


More progress on concept art:


I’ve made a start bringing the concepts to life. The tile modules have been modelled and have been given basic materials. I will go in to more detail with their materials once I have more assets in. For now, the Substance files are setup for an iterative workflow with their materials.

I’ve also made some progress creating tileable materials that can be used on the wall modules.




I would recommend to create new tech and building materials first, then come up with ideas on how and what might be built with those in the future if you like to make Sci-Fi. Right now it looks rather like a retro sci-fi Hong-Kong / asian style. Also Epic released asstes like these for free in the past: Soul: City in Epic Content - UE Marketplace

Hi Cypher2012~

I like your concept art and the way you made your walls modulated. There are a few questions I would like to ask you and hope you could provide some answers to it if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

  1. Are you planning to make your materials PBR supported?

  2. Are the walls the only modulated asset? Or all of the assets are modulated? (If all the assets are modulated, could you provide some screenshots of modulated rooms with the same models?)

  3. What is the expected date of releasing your project and what UE4 version will it be supported? (To be more specific, does your project support UE4.16?)

Thank you in advance and Keep up the good work! :3

Hiya! Thanks for getting in touch.

  • Yes, the materials are PBR materials. I use Substance suite to produce high quality materials. While on the subject, I include all textures at 4K, so they can be reduced down to a suitable size for your project.

  • At the moment, the wall pieces that you see are all modular. I’m working on a basic, modular conduit set. So you can easily add conduit systems on the building walls. I’ll share photos of this when I’ve finished them. I’m not sure what else will be modular. A lot of the stuff will be detail assets, such as the signage, pillars, bins and other street props.

  • I’m not sure on when I will have this released. I’ve been struggling a bit coming up with ideas for it, but I’m working hard to get as much feedback and suggestions as I can to help me keep the ideas fresh. As a rough guide, it would be nice if I can get this wrapped up by the end of the next month. After that, the approval process can take a few weeks. I’ve just checked the working project and it’s 4.21 (Current release). So this will be supported, as well as later version and can support older versions on request.


That’s a good idea! I might try that and see what comes out of it :slight_smile:

Hi Cypher2012~

Many thanks for the quick response.

Modular walls and conduits plus detail props sound good enough to make some variants of exteriors. I was wondering is it possible to use your assets to create a small scale city (roughly half the size of a map in Paragon reference ) without being too repetitive?

Unfortunately, I’m stuck at UE4.16.3 right now, is it possible to sell the final project in .FBX format? (I know UE4 is not backward compatible, making assets for earlier versions will be a pain in the a**…) . If not I can totally understand, but hey, no harm for asking right?

Looking forward to your final photos! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think that would be stretching it out a bit. Unless you are very creative and mix in a lot of other unique, custom assets. In terms of that scale, I think a more appropiate use would be to use it as a base block out, from which you would build on top off with your own assets.

hmm I would have to have a look in to that. I’m not sure if the marketplace allows you to download external files. Good news is, with simple assets, it’s normally pretty straight forward to go back to older versions. So there’s a good chance I would be able to release a version for that release.

Another asset finished fo the kit:

I’ve gotten quite far…I’ve done another block out pass to get a closer idea of how it will end up:




Most assets created. Need to finalize materials and model last few remaining assets before I start setting up for market place.






Final and submitted to marketplace. Will take a few weeks.
Art station link: [https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Dx3ErG


Product page: Modular Futuristic Sci-Fi Street Props Asset Pack in Props - UE Marketplace