Asset missing materials

Hi everyone,

I copy Tree Asset downloaded from web to my project content, but these assets did not work.
The mesh loaded ok, but no shader, nomaterials load.

Note that:

  • The asset folder included Materials, texture folder.

Please help, thanks.

It looks like your references are broken. A reference is something that tells Unreal Engine where to find an asset, therefor even though the assets exists the engine would not know were to find them. This issue is common when moving your files between projects.

You can try to figure out which reference is missing/broken and try to find it in windows explorer, but that could be tedious to do.

Just open each material and specify manually the missing texture, then go to each mesh and specify manally each material.

And don’t forget to save!

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

i’m too help me … i have been one year to fix this problem

how to fix this problem ??