Asset managing from prototyping to finish


i would like to know if there is a good working way to handle all my textures and assets in one place and be able to swap it any time afterwards.

The reason why i would like to do so is, that i am a one person free time game developer and most of the time i prototype games. For my prototypes i often use simplified and free models and textures. Most of my work is programing.

I am also able to create all assets no matter what kind myself. But my spare time is limited. I realy would like to create full working games with all my content and swap all my assets later. This way i can think about buying textures, hire freelancers and so forth. It is important for me to manage all assets in one place and simply change the files later in an efficient way. It is also important for working time calculation and general costs calculation, if i intend to get some kickstarter or patreon support.

Maybe this question was asked before in a way, wasnt able to find out myself :frowning:
Pardon my bad english

You can make “asset pool” projects with similar content e.g. medieval, sci-fi, low-poly and so on. In these you put all youre content and keep it up to date with the engine versions. Then you can use these asset pools to build your prototypes on. If you add new content to the project, copy it over to the asset pool, so you have it available in future projects also.

Ah first i didnt know what you exactly meant but i think i got it now. So you are talking about converting the assets in a asset pool project from regular source files to unreal files and reimport these files again in my original project right?

I have to think about a smarter way to use my librarys. I could do so, i think this works, but i am unsure how much i have to adjust. I think i just have to try out. Thank you :slight_smile: