Asset Manager and Content Browser Organization

I’m looking into ways to use the Asset Manager (or ObjectLibrary) to improve performance and load times, but I have a question on content organization: Most projects I see organize their top-level content hierarchy by asset type: Audio, Blueprints, Textures, Materials, Meshes, etc.

I want to organize my content heirarchy by object type: Abilities, Creatures, Items, etc., and within each Object, have the stored Audio, Blueprint, Texture, etc. I think this organizational model makes it easier on content creators.

However, will this create problems with the Asset Manager or ObjectLibrary asset scans? I don’t want to get too far down the road and have to reorganize and re-reference everything because of a fundamental flaw. TIA!

You can have any folder structure you want. But I think that what you’re suggesting here is a case of ‘six of one, half a dozen of the other’.

I mean, one is blueprints with lots of other folders in it. The other is lots of folders with a blueprints folder.


After reading through documentation, I’ve discovered some helpful information:

“If you want to register Primary Assets directly in code, override the StartInitialLoading function in your Asset Manager class and call ScanPathsForPrimaryAssets from there. In this case, it is recommended that you put all Primary Assets of the same type in the same subfolder. This will make Asset discovery and registration faster.”

And with the Wiki down, provided a good backup for an article on asset naming conventions:

So while any org structure can be used, recommended use with the Asset Manager would be to put managed assets of the same class/type in one location.