Asset Management

Feels like I’m getting drowned in ***'s, er I mean Assets.

Half of them I have no idea what they are, and I just know will need something, but forget I have it.
free mesh from here, HDMI image from there, magazine download textures, free stuff from epic, random web downloads.

Already have a multi GB folder of Sounds, Mesh’s, Textures, Models, Animations, Props, etc.

Should I just throw a level together and fill it will likely stuff, so I can easily view it?

As Shrek would say, How do you lot manage your assets?

You need a good folder structure + names for your assets. Take a look at this page: :slight_smile:

Been there a few days ago Fighter, tks. Already do practice those conventions, as there are very handy.
Did find Tom Looman’s site cleaner though

But I think, as a new user, I need a more visual way to take stock of my assets, and what they are…at least until I get used to things.

Ok, then the best way is to create an overview level where you place all assets :slight_smile:

So in the land of Dreams, there would be this Level/map that you could download, and as long as you have a folder of assets named according to convention, and numbered according to how the level blueprints have been set up…

You could just copy over a folder and everything in it would be placed and set out automatically.

But no one has time for that, those of us who would find that useful, don’t have the skill to do it, and those of you who could do it in a few hours don’t have the time, such is life, maybe the next one will be better :wink:

Here is a quick and dirty start.

  1. Search for all Static Meshes in Content Browser and drag them into your level.
  2. While all your Static Meshes are selected, make them Moveable.
  3. Create a blueprint which sets actor locations (i have done it in my Level Blueprint)


There can be optimized a thousand things, but that´s your journey :slight_smile:

At one point you will know them all to some degree, the problem is once you need something specific you have to test out assets and most of them will not met current criteria. This, is the time consuming part, to find the right basic assets. To put all into a map, maybe not a bad idea, for specific types.