Asset management, renaming and manipulation

From a usability perspective, the way Unreal handles moving, organizing and renaming assets is a real rough spot in an otherwise pretty stellar user experience. I’ve recently done some contract work using one of the other popular engines out there and one of the first things I noticed was that it had 100% support for changing and editing the folder structure and asset naming right in the operating system. You can move assets in and out of the project from your file system with ease. You can reorganize and rename folders and assets in windows explorer without restriction and the changes propagate into your project.

Unreal in contrast feels like it has a very brittle set of arcane restrictions in this regard. Manipulating project assets in windows explorer, et. al. is almost never a good idea and the interfaces for doing these common operations in the engine itself feel a bit unpolished and clunky.

I understand to some extent, the technical reasons for this, but I think for users migrating to UE4 this is an area that will really stand out as needing a little bit of love because if you are used to the work flow in ‘that other engine’ you can realllly shoot yourself in the foot right away by trying to do the same thing in Unreal.

The current setup in Unreal is all very workable once you learn it, but from a customer acquisition standpoint it feels like a weakness in a key area.

Manipulating assets and project files directly from operating system is a straight ticket to ******** up your source control repository.
The thing which is wonky sometimes is renaming assets which creates redirectors and then prevents those assets from being deleted. Not critical but takes some time and attention to fix.

Edit: s.c.r.e.w is apparently a curse word according to forum :smiley:

This has been discussed before:

I had this discussion before.

Short version of it: For me, moving things around resulted in data loss in UE4 several times. That didn’t ever happen with unity 5.

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This tool (Multi Object Renaming Tool or MORT) will help you to rename actors\objects in the World Outliner and Content Browser:
Multi Objects Renaming Tool in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace](Multi Objects Renaming Tool in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)


  • Find and replace
  • Rename and Numerate
  • Prefix
  • Suffix

This is the youtube video of MORT:

It was “screwing” but that’s a bit silly because I don’t think saying “screwing up” is that bad. I fixed that.

Thanks for the feedback about the asset management too