Asset management in launcher?

So I now have so many assets in my launcher that opening the library tab is making my pc lag. Below is a few pictures of how many assets I own and WHY it lags so much.
I made a second account to test if it was because of the assets and when showing the assets it lags, second account without the assets = no lag.

We need a system NOW in the launcher to either put assets in their own category so we can hide them in tabs like the asset store has and not load them all while in the launcher…

Below you can CLEARLY see WHY its causing lag… This has come to a point to where I can barely Open the launcher…

Please everyone that is having this issue we need to push this forward asap. this issue has been long coming and ignored…
this needs to be prioritized or sales on the market are going to decline because ppl wont be able to load the mass huge libraries…
This needs FIXED now.

pc specs:
i7 processor
32gig ram
1060 gtx
windows 10 PRO

Seconded, am having the same issue with lag, please can we get this sorted as a priority.

Categories are a must have.
filters added so we can properly filter out categories in the library.

and/or pagination so not all the content is loaded at the same time (with a further option to show how many items per page to be displayed.)