Asset Management. I want to put all assets under one directory


As a former web developer. I have a habit of organizing my assets according to a particular model. And I want to keep the assets in Unreal in a hierarchical structure according to a specific model. I did it quite easily in Unity. But as far as I understand, the situation in unreal is somewhat different. Let’s say I want to gather all my assets under the Resources directory. And I want to gather 3rd party assets under the Resources / Vendor directory.

I also want to migrate my assets before using them in the game.

For example, to design all the Level designs in a project that I call Stage. After completing here, I want to migrate to the project that hosts the game code.

Stage import all materials, envonments and custom fbx’s here.

Put everthing under

Resources / Geometry / Building
Resources / Geometry / Vehicles


When I finish the design level, I want to migrate to real project.

The reason I do this is because I don’t want to deal with asset management used in the project that will package the game. And prevent unused assets from inflating the game.

Did I choose the wrong target for myself?

Please advise. Is there any practices for following.

My Best regards.

UE4 projects have hidden metadata used to keep track of all files within. You can find various threads here on the forums about issues when moving/deleting files due to the metadata causing lost references to files and positions in the project folders. So usually if you just migrate some assets from a project to another mantaining the folders structure there shouldn’t be any problem but if you reorganize things then you could start having issues without fixing the metadata references.

@DarkS474 Thanks.


Dear myself,

I world of Unreal Engine the basic approach is slightly different from the web development environment.

Before anything else you should follow GitHub - Allar/ue5-style-guide: An attempt to make Unreal Engine 4 projects more consistent like bible.

In the world of Unreal Engine, you are only responsible for your own little universe. Immediately you open a folder with the same name as the game into the content folder. And you’re only worried about what’s inside her. All you have to do is make your own content compatible with the style guide. The others are not your problem.

Good Luck :).