[Asset] Low Poly Modular Suburban Pack!

Hey there guys, for months i wanted to made it and now after a week of hard work its starts to take shape.

Buy on UE4 Marketplace: Low poly Town (suburbs) Pack 1.0
Buy on gumroad: Low poly Town (suburbs) Pack 1.0
Video: https://youtu.be/NTk3DA8roI

aimed to be my biggest props pack yet (and probably project).

a fully dynamic and modular props pack allowing you to shape and create your suburban (and anyother) city in your game, from a RP sim to a house design or a apoclypse game, the package will give you the answer!

Feel free to Suggest more ideas for the package!

YT: Youtube
TW: https://twitter.com/ziv_iz3

just a note; every house in the picture has been created from the same parts as any other house.
and the project will include an addition of interior props.

a showcase map showcasing all the 57 props exited for now.

The Construction Zone is almost ready


Hey Ziv_Iz,

You’ve done a truly incredible job on literally every aspect of what I’d want to see in a low-poly pack. The houses you’ve created remind me so much of the beginnings of a Cities Skylines playthrough but you’ve added so many tiny details and stunning colors.
I love the project and can’t wait to see more.

The fire hydrant is gosh darn adorable!

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oh wow thank you so much, its really nice to hear that, really motivating!, at the moment im in work of publishing it on the UE4 Marketplace and my gumroad store

Oooh, once you’ve published it make sure to update this post. I’d love to play around with it honestly :smiley:

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So after many weeks i publish the first full version of the project.
at the moment its only available at Gumroad since it will take couple weeks to months to get it on the marketplace.

Buy on gumroad: https://ziviz3.gumroad.com/l/suburbs
Video: https://youtu.be/NTk3DA8roIQ

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Finaly! the full assets pack is now on the UE4 Marketplace!
Low poly Town (suburbs) Pack 1.0