(Asset loading) and (creating Object from Asset) are different things?

  1. First, asset needs to be loaded.

  2. Second, loaded asset needs to be used for creating new object?

  3. So all game scene objects also have associated and “allocated” assets (resources) in memory?

  4. So before creating object i need to load asset first?

Am i right?

Ok, no one answer, so i will assume that, Asset has something like AssetDefaultObject (like ClassDefaultObject for UCLass), that AssetDefaultObject is loaded once and then used for instansing Actors of corresponding Asset.

Correct me if im wrong.

I have another theory.

Every Asset is an Object which has UClass with ClassDefaultObject, so (Asset loading) == (creating Object from Asset). Then created Asset Object is used as Component for existing Actor, or as archetype for creating new Actor.