Asset Library?

Since I am the type that cannot decide what I should be doing at any one time, I have around 30 different projects that I have created… for some reason. Anyways, in each of the projects, I find that I always use what seems like a standard set of “assets” including blueprints/code, textures, models, audio, etc…

Now, it’s easy enough to create a library of sorts with the… physical assets - textures, models, however, is there a way to import/export ue4 generated assets, such as blueprints, materials, sound queues, etc…?

I think this would also help alleviate some of the HDD space issues with having multiple files laying around that are exact duplicates of each other :\

If not, can there be? :wink:

If you are using a version control system you could save your common content into it’s own repository and reuse it in other projects. In Git this could be achieved using submodules, in SVN externals and in Mercurial subrepositories.

But you have to be very careful with such an approach and that you MUST use the same engine version for all your projects, if not you could get some problems with asset corruption.

Haven’t looked at using subversions / version controls (although I probably should!), so thanks for the tip!

Another way is (if you are not using version control) using directory links such as symbolic links or junction links, this way you can share directories in a transparent manner:

mklink /J MyVirtualFolder C:\Data\MyRealFolder

I recommend you sing source control instead, if you can not even dropbox with backups and history is a valuable option.