Asset Inclusion Questions

I have done some research on my question and found several sort of round about answers but not one I am completely satisfied with. I have also read through the Marketplace Distribution Agreement and still am not feeling 100% comfortable with having a solid answer to my question.

Question: If I purchase assets from the marketplace to what extent can I include them in my own marketplace content. Example: I am building an Inventory System. The basis of my content is my Inventory System. Its 100% my own work. However, this system included equipping items and item icons and the like. Am I allowed to use meshes I purchased on the Marketplace inside my content I intend to sell. Could I use 2d Texture Icons I purchased to represent these items that I purchased form the market place?

I have this question because I am unclear about what rights I have to use the products I purchased. I understand that these assets could then be extracted and used without my content and that’s not my intention.

So, the TLDR version, can I use meshes and icons I purchased in my project if I am not solely repackaging them, but rather using them as part of an inventory system.

Thank you for your time.


Does anyone have an answer to this?

It is best to ask the sellers of the assets you would like to use.

You’re essentially talking about selling assets that are already on the marketplace as part of your own product? In that case then the answer is no, you can’t do that - even if the assets aren’t the main focus of the product you are selling.

You can do that in certain cases with Epic content (at the discretion of the MP staff), so long as it is a minority of the pack and isn’t the sole focus - but for other marketplace products you’d essentially be profiting off of their work in your own marketplace products by including for resale as part of your own.

The extent that you can use other MP assets in your own is in promotion. But you’d have to make a clear distinction between what’s being shown in the product images and what is actually included.

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