Asset Import Organization

I’m new to Unreal and can’t figure out how source asset vs. imported asset flow is intended to work.

For example. I have several FBX files that refer to an organized set of textures.

Something along the lines of:


I can’t find any way to import this into Unreal and maintain that folder structure. Is this possible? Every import method I’ve tried has placed the texture assets and the material assets into the same folder as the mesh assets. That’s making for a pretty big mess. What’s the intended way for this to work? All the assets import correctly and work, so that’s a plus, it’s just that all of our organization falls apart. If I drag that whole folder structure into Unreal, I end up with copies of textures both in their original locations and in the folder of each FBX file that used them. I assume I’m missing something.

there is the method mentioned in this thread:

easy enough to test

Thanks. I found that one last night sometime, but it doesn’t seem to help. The auto sync seems to behave exactly the same as if I dragged an asset folder into the project in editor. The textures get imported into the texture folder directory structure, but when the FBX files import they make their own texture assets in the same folder as the mesh assets, so I end up with multiple versions of all texture assets. What I expected is some sort of FBX import option that tells it to create (or look for) the texture assets in folders relative to the mesh asset, maintaining the structure that was in the FBX file it imported from.

I can get everything to work the way I want it to if I do a lot of manual rearranging in the editor after import, but this doesn’t seem like the workflow you’d use on a real game. All the examples I’ve seen have nicely organized asset folders. Are people rearranging things manually after import, or doing all material/texture hookup in editor, or is there something I’m missing?

maybe try making a test folder structure in the project
save, close
add a few textures into the Walls folder
open the project back up

well this is weird…
I finally got a chance to test this.

I made a simple project - with starter content
and in the project directory I have:

save and close

if I make a Directory called Textures manually and open the project I get a folder called Textures, that is empty.
save and close

if I add a texture to that directory manually and open the project I get a dialog telling me "Importing new asset /Game/Textures/textureTest.png
and it’s visible in the Content Browser in the Textures folder


if I look in the Content — Textures folder on disk I find the following: textureTest.png (2.9MB) and a file called textureTest.uasset (3.3MB) - interestingly if I then delete textureTest.png, opening the editor prompts me to confirm that I want to delete this asset - if I say yes it deletes the textureTest.uasset file but if I choose Cancel - it doesn’t it just leaves the textureTest.uasset and I can presumably go on with my life.
so it seems to me that manually adding files to the correct directory structure will auto-reimport them - note the ‘re-import’
and then you’ll have to go in and clean up all the duplicates…
I can’t find any information on what the directories should be called or what structure they should be in in order for the engine to properly find them - this is alluded to in the tool tip for Edit > Editor Preferences > Loading & Saving > Monitor Content Directories “Note that source content must reside in one of the monitored directories to be eligible for auto-reimport”

so I think that if you set up your directory structure in the same way the engine wants you to (??) then you should be able to import whatever you want.
I have a feeling that the FBX files you mention might have materials assigned - and I think those materials (and associated textures) might get re-re-imported - so they will end all in the same folder…

there must be a proper way to do this…I can’t imagine a real game studio would tolerate that kind of workflow…