Asset import issue from blender MULTIPLE ROOTS

Alright so I worked really hard to model, animate, and texture this alien but it ended up not being able to import into UE4 because I got this message. Someone please help. I have so many issues an no one is responding and I’m stressed because I have weekly dev logs and I want to show something this week which is my alien. So any help ASAP would be amazing!

Could this maybe be an issue?? I fixed the smoothing groups but nothing else.

Hi, Brysonian!

Unreal expects skeletons to only have a single root, from what I see your mesh has the limbs detached, which Unreal would treat as different skeletons.

What you would want to do is add another joint somewhere in the middle and connect all your limbs to it. You can name that something like “Body”. Then create another one that would be your root at the 0,0,0 world location (should be at the bottom and centre of your character) and have that be the Root.

The reason for that is the way Root Motion works in Unreal. If you have something like a Walk animation that wobbles the main body, enabling root motion would have the body be static and everything else move around it. That’s why having a separate Root at the scene origin is pretty much mandatory.

Have a quick read through Epic’s documentation on Root Motion. Notice how in one of the pictures you can see the Skeleton of the figure and its root being on the ground, between its legs.

Hope this helps and good luck!

  • Dan

That’s awesome advice thank you so much! I’ll try fixing that tonight and hopefully it will work. Thanks a lot again!