[ASSET] [FREE] 34 Dynamic UMG Reticles/ Crosshairs Asset Pack

Hello developer!

Looking for Free dynamic UMG reticles for your games? I’ve got your back!

There are 34 Reticles (UMG Widgets) in this project file. I used 8 texture files to create them and they are included as well (16 including the ones with the black strokes).

All of the 34 Reticle widgets are extended from a Parent Widget (WBP_Reticle_Base). Before you migrate the widgets to your project,
remove the example code (It should be clearly commented) I’ve added to the function “CanIncreaseDynamicReticleSpread?” in the Parent Widget (WBP_Reticle_Base).

Migrate the Reticles folder (Content->Reticles) to your project. Replace “CanIncreaseDynamicReticleSpread?” functions code with your logic. And that should be it!

All of the Projects content are Free for both commercial and non-commercial use. This includes the texture files as well.

I hope you will find this useful,

​- Upgraded the project to Unreal Engine 4.19

  • Added support for Input scale based Crosshair/ Reticle scaling/spreading.
  • Instead of creating Widgets on mouse wheel up/down (old system) at runtime, the new system accesses an array of a Widgets (pool).

    UPDATE V 1.1
    ​- Upgraded the project to Unreal Engine 4.18
  • Replaced crosshair WBP_Reticle_TypeF_2_v05 with a new design/ texture.



[USER=“69737”]Dark X[/USER] , great job, love this assets, thanks

Thanks **Dark X

Great job :)**

How did I miss this? Thanks!

This is awesome! Two questions though, I can’t seem to get these widgets to disappear when say I am aiming down sights. I have tried adding bindings for visibility on the parent class and the child class that I’m using, both to no effect. Is it possible to get these to disappear?

Second, how can I change the widget to adjust based on a scale of how much I’m moving vs just if I am moving or not?

Any help would be appreciated! I’ve been using UE4 for just a couple of weeks now.

Always a pleasure everyone!

Terribly sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I was away from the forums for quite sometime.

I managed to create both features you have listed above. I am currently cleaning up the project and migrating it to 4.19.
I will update the links and will post more details over here in the next few days. Hopefully I am not too late. Haha

Good news! I have just updated the download links with the latest project. I have added both features you mentioned. Let me know if you run into any issues.

PS - Contact me via twitter or my email address if you need help with any of it immediately; especially since I tend to respond to tweets and emails fairly quickly.

Just wanted to say thanks, these are really great, and fairly easy to integrate into a new project. They work with 4.20 as well!

Really wish I knew how to change the standard crosshair that comes with the FPS template into loading these, they look really nice. Maybe when I get a bit better at unreal? Currently havent got a clue what to plug in lol.

There is a text document with the content which sheds a little bit of light on how to integrate these assets. I would not mind creating a Youtube video with basic instructions but I do not think I’ll have the time to do that anytime soon. :slight_smile:

Super cool Assets! Thanks for sharing!

I might’ve downloaded the wrong file, yet I just took a texture and used that…

Thank you for sharing these great assets. Great effort

Thank you very much really.