Asset files in published pack dissappear!!!!

I have published an asset pack into Marketplace, it’s called Furniture and Fixture Pack With 322 MESHES. The file I submitted is totally fine, I checked several times, no error. After it’s been successfully reviewed by epic staff, it finally got into the Marketplace. But when users download it from the Marketplace, a lot of textures, meshes, and materials disappear (can’t even find their .uasset files in explorer). I notice that my file is 1.6GB but the files user download from Marketplace is only 1.1GB. I use Google Drive to host the file.
I have emailed Epic and still haven’t got their reply. Does anyone here experiences the same thing?

Update: after a several emails trying to tell Epic about our pack’s problem. Their staff had tried to rebuilt our pack but failed, problem still occurred. Then we changed our pack from Asset Pack to Complete project, Epic staffs downloaded the pack again, rebuilt and re-upload it completely -> Fixed.
Thank you so much Epic staffs.