Asset Editing

Sometimes due to Unreal’s Asinine Nature about updating Materials when you add one or take one way it makes it nearly impossible to find the new material. I am thinking that if you added a menu that popped up when you right clicked a mesh showing a list of materials under the mouse cursor then allowing you to click it and it highlights it in the menu to the right would at least alleviate some of the pain involved in this.

Also adding an area where you can create custom collisions since I have learned externally creating them does not produce the results you want for instance bowls working in the phsyics engine. You cannot use the complex collision for the physics engine so you have to deal with the simple channel but turns out it hates things like bowls no matter how much you separated it out. Plus the constant edit, export, import thing is very annoying. Having an area that allows you to build custom collisions that the engine likes would be very helpful.

Allowance of minor UV editing would be somewhat helpful as well. Simple move some UVs option maybe some scaling nothing too dramatic just something that would make things a little less annoying if say you realized you needed more detail on a UV island you could scale it up and scale others down etc.

I think you fixed this one. Since I am in an older version ish .19 but pivot points allow editing of them, and saving of the edit. I have found out my software does not obey the rules handed to me about setting pivot points. You have to put it dead center of the scene no matter where you align the pivot points, etc. Completely asinine and a headache if you set zero to all.

An easy billboard creator. Simple as clicking a button and it takes a picture from the front view, right view, top view, and bottom view, maybe back as well you can have a checklist and it just takes the pic, makes a material, and puts it on a plane in a folder you select or create. Seems like it could be simple enough. Be easy for if you realize maybe a Billboard could be something you need for a super LP model and this would save time. I have had it where I had to do this when I realized a plant was too HP figured this option would be a bit handy for those who were handed a HP model that could be easily a billboard and no one would care.

I think the more you can do in the engine better, but of course nothing too over the top just minor things that you would have to reopen the model, make a tiny adjustment and reimport, though the billboard one could be considered major however it seems like it would be a simple process to do with UE4.

Though with custom collisions I say having it in a game where the bloody engine likes it as you make it is better than having some stupid thing happen that you cannot a fix for. We all know that things do not mesh together like a perfect Jigsaw puzzle but the custom collision is on another level of hair pulling when you need it to be very specific and the engine is just like nope I do it my way. Having it where you can edit it to the engines liking would be very very handy. Not just simple cubes etc it does not work well for bowl shapes and so on especially with physics involved.

I may edit this and add more later.