Asset Details Tab

Hi Guys,

As my next contribution to the UE Editor, I want to add an Asset Details Tab. Basically this would allow you to select one or many assets in the content browser and modify their details directly in a tab, rather than having to open up the property matrix, using the “Bulk editor via Property matrix…” option. It looks like this:

  1. Under the Window menu, a user can select the “Asset Details” group and pick an asset details tab to spawn 1,2,3 or 4, just like the details tab (this is done):


(The text in the image has since changed from “Asset” to “Asset Details”)

  1. A tab appears next to the “Details” tab, just like the “World” tab does. If nothing is selected. It has “Please select an asset(s) to view asset details.” (almost done):


  1. With this tab now open, a user can click on one or more assets in their content browser and see this tab populated thus (not done):


The user would now be able to edit the properties of the selected assets, and they would in turn, get modified and become dirty, as per normal property matrix workflow. You can then unselect and reselect other assets and continually edit the properties of valid assets etc.

I think the contribution will result in a better in editor workflow overall. So the reason I post, is that I’m at the property editing UI stage (step 3) and I need some assistance, from either an Epic developer, or someone from the community that has done UI view development in the editor before. I basically want the guts of the property matrix editor in that tab. I would prefer to effectively spawn the property editor in the background and leverage it directly, including it’s slate UI code, rather than having to make an AssetDetailsView implementation. Having said that, I’m not opposed to does that at all. Either way I don’t care, but if something could possibly give me some hints on the best approach to this, then that would be super cool. I intend on getting this done with the next two weeks, time permitting, with a pull request to Epic, perhaps a couple of days after (after some testing etc) :slight_smile: Thanks guys.


All good found my solution! :slight_smile: Nothing to see here :wink:

Starting to take shape now, works perfectly:


You can select one or many assets, selecting multiple assets will combine like properties just like the details view for scene objects :slight_smile:


Pull Request submitted:

More screenshots and walkthrough in the PR itself. Take a look.


This is a much nicer workflow than the current Property Matrix Editor! +100