Asset creation?

Good Afternoon.

Im new to creating for this engine, so forgive me if this seems like a silly question. but i just wanted to be clear on a few things before I really stretch my legs. - as the information I have received so far, is so varied its hard to know the right way… so please see below :-

ok, so i want to create a variety of assets (from a blank level each time) so it doesn’t get all messy, all that has effects on. (such as burning lamps, Props, buildings etc.) - I create these in my 3D program, Export to UE4, then Set the materials in the model viewer thing. so its a complete asset. (dont know yet how to create the effects but thats not part of this problem)


I want to have my MAIN working level (City streets/Pathways etc/Lighting etc) and just be able to bring in these assets exactly as i created them above…


So currently Im creating the asset, including its paths/folders within the content directory. - then choosing “migrate” copying this to a random portion of my drive. - then in my MAIN level. - im copying that asset to the content folder.

I have no idea if this is wrong, or right. - so please advise?

Thanks so much


I think the answer to what you are asking is just drag that asset - eg Skeletal Mesh of a chair - from content folder into your scene. It will then be an actor in the scene you can position, move , set properties, etc…

Well not quite. - the main question was, The asset i create. - Do i save it as i described above? - IS that how you create assets to use between levels? - or is there some sort of “package” that you need to do?

Its just that it gets a bit confusing with the amount of messy files there are during content creation.(the migrate to, helps clean a lot of this up) hence why I create a blank level for each new asset I create, that way i can preview different textures that I import, etc, until Im happy… - and For the main file, i want a solid working path system. and a easy drag n drop system.

So the levels ( which are assets themselves) hold actors ( which are “instantiated assets”). The Content Browser allows you to veiw the assets available to the whole project. The Outliner allows you to browse the actors in the current level.

As far as previewing - if you double-click an asset, it will open a context specific editor - which typically has a preview pane allowing you to see the asset in different preview configurations. So you usually dont need a “preview” level - unless you have specific lighting/environment needs.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

yes for sure. - however, still doesn’t answer my question :slight_smile:

Im aware that I can drag and drop things, as Ive already done this to an extent by the few assets ive created already. - but the burning question still remains…

open new level in UE4… Export my Asset from my 3D program. - Import asset, Make it look all pretty… - THEN… do I export asset using Migration or another way? (I dont want to add it to any other project just yet) but will do in the future once I have many of them…

as said, Currently Im using Migrate. but have been told to use “package” so Im figuring out what way is correct.

Of course. Once I have finished said asset, I will then copy it over to my Main content browser to use in the LIVE level.

The intention of the assets would be useful to know, are you interested in keeping the assets * In the Level, for use With the Level* or are you creating a Demo Scene Level for the Assets, and keeping the Assets Separate From the Level?

in short, and clearer, are the exported models from 3D app for use With the Level or Without?

Well I think it boils down to my ignorance on the actual way the engine works/does not work. - when working out a schedule/plan I decided the best way to approach this is on a semi-modular basis.

So that means i create each asset individually in 3D, then to engine to get the look/feel right

Then to have a “Database of assets” at my fingers, so when i build the final level, I can dip in, pick up and drop them in, with them already looking exactly how I want them too…

So Im keeping the assets I create of course within Unreal (temp project file) -then when Im done, i export this (migrate) to a new folder for safe keeping.

Then when Im in my final level building it, i can copy over from the migrated folder to the new one?

Thats all.! :slight_smile:


you can navigate to “Documents\Unreal Projects” if Windows 10, oy “My Documents\unreal projects” if <W10, and simply use file explorer in Windows to copy/paste the Project content, which should be categorized already, into sub-folders.

Simply copy the folder you need to backup, inside the Content folder section of your Project, and paste wherever;

If using same version of Engine or saving for a higher version, no compatibility issues will arise.

[Update] If using Alembic content, see this thread, as upgrading Engine version won’t open the .uasset files: Alembic assets fail to save after upgrading unreal 4.23 to 4.24 - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Ok thanks jon…
So I am sort of doing it right then… there is no “magical way” like I expected there would be, as said, Im a total beginner to this engine, so working around/Learning curve is difficult. - but I like to plan ahead as I dont like repeating work too many times. so wanted to fish for facts, so i can do it the right way from the get go!


Sounds like maybe you are doing an extra step in exporting from 3d to some kind of “temporary” “throw away” project?

You can just export into the project you want to use the asset in (and reimport as needed).
(eg Make a folder called MYTESTASSETS to experiment in, and simply move them to another folder in the same project if you want )

If you want to make a reusable set of assets to be used in multiple projects - you can move your assets into a content plugin.