Asset Creation Question

Hi guys, I have this:

As you can see I imported my chair for C4D, but I have to unclick the “Combine Meshes” when I import to Unreal because If don´t I get bad polygons… Ok, the problem is, If I want to group all this 4 objects and do only 1 asset, Is this possible?, If I want the chair only be 1 Asset, something to do a library or something similar, I want to merge it and can export to another proyects…

Well, I hope I explain good, Ty in advance…


  • Select the assets in your scene
  • Menu BluePrint
  • Convert selected components to blueprint class.

Now you have a blueprint containing the 4 assets

Wow so easy, I saw this option but I didn´t notice it was for it, thanks so much Matathesus…

Another possibility: combine the meshes in Cinema 4D.
A good preperation of the models prior to export is the key to success.

From what i understand the objects that are combined with blueprints are still their own objects and will increase the overall objects count of the scene.

Imagine you have a room with 30 of these chairs in it, then it’s a huge difference if you have 30 objects or 120 objects to be handled by the engine.
(i’m not talking about drawcalls, this is a completly different matter which is influenced by material assignment, smoothing etc.)

I suggest to merge the chair using a 3D program like 3D studio max and import it as a single mesh.

@doice: the OP wrote that the chair was exported from C4D (Cinema 4D), so i guess he used this program.
His issue is a result of an incorrect model setup and can be fixed with a few changes like merging objects.
What exactly needs to be done, depends on the model and it’s setup.
For further guidiance i would need to know more about the model and it’s current setup.

So if you can share the file or at least post some screenshots of the model in C4D (wireframe, object manager hierarchy)
i can help you with bringing it ingame as a single mesh.

Ok here we go, here is the chair in C4D format… I wait notices… Thanks guys…


I assume you’re going for ArchVis and not game development, because this isn’t a gameready asset for sure.
I’ve also found the same model online:

For this guide i used your version.
Sorry for the interface beeing german, but i don’t want to change the program language everytime i post a pic of it on the internet.

Attention big image file incomming:

For the sake of learning, i’d recomend you to download the model in the link above, since it is untriangulated and because of that better suited for editing.

80k polygons is a lot, even for ArchVis, so i’d recomend you to do some optimizing at least.
Take out unseen faces (like the back face of the screws), reduce unneccessary edgeloops by selecting them with the loop selection tool and disolve them.
Do a proper UV map, at least for the major parts.

I’d say with some effort put into it, you can bring this down to 1/2 ir 1/3 of the curent polycount without noticably loosing detail.

WOW, Thanks so much kraid, really appreciated your work, Thanks…