Asset creation course?

Hello, there is any tutorial or course for creating quality assets in 3ds max, maya or other software (interested mainly in interior wall, ground, windows, doors, etc…) with also texturing for UE4?
i’m looking for a step-by-step tutorial or course, also a pay course will be ok.


It would be a huge undertaking to cover all software. You could get general principals from places, but to get a good usage from even just one piece of software would be a time investment. Each piece of software does things differently and it takes time to learn just one of them. Not saying you can’t pick it up, but a ‘one resource for all’ you won’t find, or it won’t be great quality. A lot of 3d modelling itself is experience. You can gain the fundamentals of each piece of software individually, but to actually do work in it requires time and patience.

This may help?