Asset crashing UE4

I have an asset 486 polys so nothing big. I have had it in UE4 and have slowly been modding it and reimporting it with no issues. But now that I have UV’d the model it crashes UE4 every time I reimport. The texture is 2048 x 2048. Stack is collapsed and no other changes have been made. Any clues why this would happen? Oh yea almost forgot I’m using 3dsmax 2014. The model imports into Unity fine.

-Have you exported it as a 2013 fbx version?
-A log would be good (Saved - Logs) :wink:

Hi Demonseedgfx,

As suggested, it’s worth looking at the Output Log in the editor, but if you don’t mind, could you make a post on AnswerHub and attach the .fbx that is crashing the editor?

Michael Noland

Make sure that none of your materials/textures/meshes have the same name (current FBX bug)

Perfect naming was the issue. Thanks Darthviper. Shouldn’t have been named like they were so big kick in the nuts to me for been a donkey. Thanks everyone.