Asset compatibility

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This may be a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere: I see many assets in the store which are only compatible with windows, but they are only meshes / grass etc. Quite generic.

What happens during the making of an asset that rules out the various systems? Does the editor say “ok, if you click that, it wont run on mac etc…”? Or is it that the developer has only tested the asset on the listed systems. Could I happily import it on a mac / xbox etc?

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Generally its because the creator did not have the platforms to test their content on.
Most generic stuff like meshes, textures, materials, vfx, sounds, etc would/should work on mac.

Ok - thank you :cool:

It is as Luos answered, but also a bit more complex than that. There are some functions in the material library which won’t work properly or at all in mobile. Performance wise is also an issue, the material could work, but it is too heavy to be used in a scene, meaning the performance will drop considerably. Not all features work on Metal which is the basis on how things works on Mac. Consider asking in the store page for that asset, also some of them has a support page here in the forums, ask there too. Maybe someone have tried besides the developer and it works, or can confirm would not.